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MDO Team

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RICHARD MONTES DE OCA | Managing Partner


Richard Montes de Oca is the founder and Managing Partner of MDO Partners.  He is an AV Preeminent-Rated attorney in Corporate, Contracts and International Law with 15 years of experience.  He is an expert in the areas of corporate governance, corporate finance, mergers and acquisition transactions, and securities, as well as global compliance and business ethics.  

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LAUREN BENGOCHEA | Senior Associate Counsel

Lauren Bengochea serves as the firm’s Senior Associate Counsel. She has experience in establishing effective compliance programs, including researching various industries and regulations such as telecommunications, hospitality, and banking. She also assists clients in conducting compliance program assessments, governance, documentation and implementation, including developing codes of business conduct and drafting policies and procedures relating to anti-corruption (e.g. FCPA, UK Bribery Ac, etc.), OFAC, labor and employment, records management, data privacy, conflict of interests, and internal investigations.


LISA CAPOTE | Compliance Counsel

​Ms. Capote focuses her practice on global compliance for healthcare and life sciences. She is an AV Preeminent-Rated attorney, which is the highest level of professional excellence ranking. Ms. Capote represents various clients from Fortune 500 to startup companies in international trade.


MIKE CAPOTE | Compliance Advisor


Mr. Capote has nearly 20 years of international IT leadership and systems implementations experience in a variety of government, private, and public organizations. He has served as the Global Privacy Officer for Burger King Worldwide and has been responsible for IT security, governance, and regulatory compliance initiatives in a variety of industry sectors. 

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ISIS CARBAJAL | Compliance Counsel

Isis Carbajal de Garcia, serves as Compliance Counsel at MDO Partners. Ms. Carbajal is a Board-Certified attorney in Education Law with over 35 years of experience in the Florida State University System. 


Ms. Carbajal advises education clients on various legal and regulatory compliance issues, including academic matters (e.g. faculty governance, academic programs, residency, admissions, financial aid, student and faculty grievances, collective bargaining agreements, and contracts with foreign and national universities). She also advises clients on employment and administrative law.  Ms. Carbajal assists higher education clients to design and implement effective compliance programs.  She drafts policies and conducts trainings on various topics, including higher education law, public records, and Florida’s Code of Ethics.  She also conducts internal investigations for colleges and universities. She has also assisted universities with intellectual property and technology transfers.

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JAVIER JARAMILLO | Compliance Advisor


Javier brings 25 years of banking and regulatory compliance experience specializing in the areas of Enhanced Due Diligence, Know your Customer (KYC) Remediation, Look Backs, Internal Audits, Risk Assessments, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies and procedures. A former Bank Examiner for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Federal Reserve Bank, Javier brings a regulator’s knowledge and expertise to MDO Partners.

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MARCIA NARINE-WELDON | General Counsel & Chief Diversity Officer


Marcia Narine Weldon serves as Compliance Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer for MDO Partners. She is a lecturer in law at the University of Miami teaching and writing on  regulatory compliance, corporate governance, employment law, transactional lawyering, and legal communications. Prior to joining academia, she served as the Deputy General Counsel, VP Global Compliance and Business Standards, and Chief Privacy Officer of Ryder.


KELLEY J. PETERSON | Compliance Counsel


Kelley J. Peterson is Compliance Counsel in Broker-Dealer and Investment Adviser regulations for the firm. She has significant experience performing regulatory work for investment advisers and broker-dealers. She provides a comprehensive representation of firms in all aspects of federal, state, and SRO adviser and broker-dealer registration and regulatory compliance. She prepares FINRA membership applications and continuance applications for a wide spectrum of brokerage entities.

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DANIEL RIOS | Real Estate Counsel


Daniel Rios is Real Estate Counsel for MDO Partners. He has significant experience in residential and commercial real estate, and leads the firm’s real estate practice. Mr. Rios has experience in all matters pertaining to negotiating both residential and commercial real estate purchase contracts and leases as well as conducting real estate closings. 


MOYING XING | International Advisor


Moying Xing serves as International Advisor – Asia Pacific for the firm in Suzhou, China. She serves as a liaison for the firm and its clients to establish and develop business in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and other countries in the Asia Pacific Region. She provides international relations and business consulting for the firm’s international clients, including market and business intelligence, due diligence and analysis, compliance guidance, customer, supplier and government relations, translation services and cultural awareness. 


DIANE PEREZ | Compliance and Employment Advisor


Diane P. Perez is a board certified labor and employment law attorney, who represents companies in a wide variety of labor and employment law matters. Diane handles employment discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, whistleblower, and wage and hour claims, among others.  

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