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MDO Team

Moying Xing serves as International Advisor – Asia Pacific for the firm in Suzhou, China. She serves as a liaison for the firm and its clients to establish and develop business in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and other countries in the Asia Pacific Region. She provides international relations and business consulting for the firm’s international clients, including market and business intelligence, due diligence and analysis, compliance guidance, customer, supplier and government relations, translation services and cultural awareness. 

Ms. Xing’s experience includes global branding, international business development, sales and marketing, due diligence and localization services for the Asia Pacific region for a medical devices distributor, intelligent home products manufacturer and global flower grower and distributor. She also has experience as a professional translator.

Ms. Xing was born in China and is fully bilingual in Chinese and English. She utilizes her language skills, cross-cultural experience and business relationships in China and the US to help the firm and its clients.

Ms. Xing received her Masters in International Business from Florida International University in Miami, Florida and her Bachelor of Arts in English Translation at Tianjin Foreign Studies University in Tianjin, China. 

A highly motivated professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ms. Xing is passionate about helping global companies and individuals achieve their full potential in today’s globalized marketplace.

Moying Xing

International Advisor - Asia Pacific

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