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corporate compliance

Countries around the world have declared war on corruption as well as the corporations and officers who have chosen to engage in bribery as a means of obtaining or retaining a business advantage. 

Banks, financial institutions, and money services businesses are entrusted with a unique responsibility for the safekeeping, transfer and/or investment of significant assets of others, which requires them to adhere to a higher standard of safety, soundness and financial stability.

Antitrust and competition laws are designed to foster the development of an efficient market economy by prohibiting activities that lessen competition. 

Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers

Securities broker-dealers and investment advisers are confronted with unprecedented compliance challenges as accelerated rulemaking has swept the industry.

Companies today are operating in an environment of ever-increasing laws and regulations, including Anti-Corruption (FCPA), Anti-Fraud, Antitrust, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and Dodd-Frank. 

MDO Partners advises clients on doing business in Cuba, including compliance with U.S. laws governing travel to, trade with and commercial activities in Cuba. 

Companies face a variety of employment issues putting themselves at risk of litigation, damages, and reputational harm.

Companies that secure government contracts and grants become subject to the financial, accounting and legal requirements of the granting government agency.


The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates many different products beyond what their name suggests of food and drug.

MDO Partners is poised to advise colleges and universities on higher education law, to conduct internal investigations in educational institutions, and to develop effective compliance programs focused on higher education issues.

PRIVACY AND DATA PROTECTION Data privacy threats and breaches can have serious consequences on a company's business, reputation, and financial condition.

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