Global Compliance

Corporate Compliance Corporate Compliance
Companies today are operating in an environment of ever-increasing laws and regulations. Failure to adhere to these laws and regulations may subject them and their employees, officers and directors to substantial fines, penalties, and consequences. Various US and international laws provide companies with a defense or an opportunity to mitigate fines and penalties for violations of law if they have an effective corporate compliance program in place. MDO Partners has extensive experience in developing effective compliance programs for Fortune 500, private and international companies in various industries.

MDO Partners advises clients on doing business in Cuba, including compliance with U.S. laws governing travel to, trade with and commercial activities in Cuba.

Anti-Corruption (FCPA) Anti-Corruption (FCPA)
Countries around the world have declared war on corruption as well as the corporations and officers who have chosen to engage in bribery as a means of obtaining or retaining a business advantage. With record-setting fines being levied in the billions of dollars, it has become paramount for corporations to establish appropriate policies, procedures, training and other controls to prevent and detect bribery within their organizations. MDO Partners is well suited to represent corporations who conduct business internationally and have recognized the importance of establishing an anti-corruption program within their organization.

Antitrust and Competition Laws Antitrust and Competition Laws
Antitrust and competition laws are designed to foster the development of an efficient market economy by prohibiting activities that lessen competition. Most countries have adopted antitrust and competition laws, but companies that operate internationally all too often stray across these laws because they are so complex. These competition laws provide harsh sanctions and penalties for those who violate them, including huge damages awards (e.g. treble damages), criminal fines, imprisonment for corporate executives and reputational damage. The attorneys at MDO Partners have extensive experience in competition laws and can assist clients in avoiding such damages.

Government Contracts and False Claims Government Contracts and False Claims
Companies that secure government contracts and grants become subject to the financial, accounting and legal requirements of the granting government agency. The attorneys at MDO Partners have represented government contractors and grantees and have extensive experience in all aspects of government contracts and grants, especially avoiding the significant pitfalls in this complex area.

Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers
Securities broker-dealers and investment advisers are confronted with unprecedented compliance challenges as accelerated rulemaking has swept the industry. An intense exam environment and hard-hitting enforcement actions have caused a dramatic surge in reputational risk. MDO Partners has the experience to help navigate the regulatory maze and reduce the risk associated with heightened regulatory demands. Our team has significant experience performing regulatory work for investment advisers and broker-dealers and has a strong baseline knowledge of current industry leading practices.

Employment Law Employment Law
Companies face a variety of employment issues putting themselves at risk of litigation, damages and reputational harm. At MDO Partners, we work with our clients by being proactive and conducting a thorough analysis of a company’s employment law needs and demands. We guide our clients in developing policies, procedures, and strategies to manage the employment risks that may arise. Below is a description of our various employment law services.

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