Business Ethics

Ethical Culture Ethical Culture
Ethical culture starts with tone at the top but doesn’t end there. Employees, investors, vendors and customers take their cues from what they observe, not just what they are told. MDO Partners can assist clients in assessing their culture based upon a review of key policies, reporting mechanisms, and interviews.

Risk Assessments Risk Assessments
Regulators, rating agencies and other stakeholders expect companies to conduct assessments to ensure they are not exposing the company to unreasonable levels of risk. MDO Partners can conduct a risk assessment of a company to independently review financial, regulatory, employee relations, geographic and other risks tailored to specific needs.

Code of Ethics and Policies Code of Ethics and Policies
The Code of Ethics is the cornerstone of any compliance and ethics program. It provides guiding principles and values which set the tone, spirit and culture of the company. A company’s policies address compliance with laws and establish ethical standards relating to specific areas of risk within a company. MDO Partners has experience in drafting, revising and assessing various Codes of Ethics. Our attorneys also have experience in drafting all types of policies.

Ethics Training and Communications Ethics Training and Communications
Training employees, officers and directors on a company’s Code of Ethics and policies is critical to establishing an effective compliance and ethics program. The attorneys and advisors at MDO Partners have significant experience in drafting training modules and conducting live trainings for various companies on a wide array of topics.

Reporting and Investigations Reporting and Investigations
Employees should have a method for reporting violations of law and policy in a company. MDO Partners can assist companies in establishing a viable reporting structure or program. Our attorneys also have experience in dealing with various hotline or helpline programs, so we can provide guidance in selecting appropriate service providers. When a violation of law or policy is reported, it’s important to promptly and thoroughly investigate such reports. MDO Partners can assist clients in conducting internal investigations or simply provide guidance on how such investigations should be conducted.

Monitoring and Auditing Monitoring and Auditing
Once a compliance and ethics program is implemented, it’s important to periodically monitor and audit the program to determine what revisions should be made to comply with new laws and regulations or to adjust to a company’s changing culture or operating procedures. MDO Partners can assist in conducting an independent audit of a company’s program to assess whether each of the program elements are adequate and if the overall program is effective.

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